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Precious Panda Update

Welp, we’ve had a slow down in availability to sell our cupcakes, coffee, and chocolates and wanted to push an update. When I opened the Precious Panda Cafe, I was still in the Air Force. I wanted a vehicle to create a community with an ability to give back. And for us, the misunderstood pitbull community was one that was very dear to us.
Kilani, or Kiki for short, is the cafe mascot. She is a “pitbull” mix with panda markings. The profits we received from sales were able to give back to the Bad Rap Pitbull Rescue out of Portland, Oregon. We were able to partner with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as one of our community residents to give $2000.
I am currently transitioning out of the military and looking for opportunities to offer a more consistent pop up outside of sponsors at festivals and markets. Until then, I didn’t have a Monday through Friday work week where I could offer pop up locations on the weekends.  I’d be gone for a few weeks at a time where I couldn’t be there to share the love.  We will be offering a few products online so that you could buy some Seattle love in case you miss us at an event or during our pop up weekend hours.  We appreciate all the support and look forward to serving more emotional eaters in the future.

Air Force Captain and Pitbull

A Fresh Start

Hello, and happy Monday!  This past weekend we had a successful grand opening.  So psyched for everyone who stopped by to hang out with us and enjoy a cupcake or two.  For those of you getting to know us, we are a Caffe Vita and Cupcake Royale partner just sharing the love as a vehicle to fund our cause.  Not only will you have a weekend getaway in Lower Queen Anne to enjoy a spot of coffee, tea, and WiFi, you’re helping us give back to bully breeds to animal organizations and local charities that we are partnered with.  We are currently working with the Seattle Humane Society to create grants to fund adoption fees and vet bills.


What are some things to come?  Photography showcases and acoustic sets while enjoying rotating coffee brews.

And if you don’t feel like a cupcake, we’ve got you covered with some German Chocolate.  We look forward to seeing you and reppin’ the Panda.

Precious Panda

Shhhhhh….. She doesn’t know she isn’t a panda.

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Welcome to The Precious Panda Cafe!

We are inspired by our pup mascot, Kiki, and offer healthier options to eating your feelings!

Check out our menu, online store, and posts for information on our products, recipes, events, and small business happenings.  Thank you for the support!